Santa Paula Unified School District 

    District Vision Mission and Core Values

    Vision Statement:

    The Santa Paula Unified School District provides exemplary and equitable learning environments for all students to be prepared to successfully contribute to a diverse global society.  

    Mission Statement:

    The Santa Paula Unified School District, in collaboration with educators, parents, and the community, will prepare students academically, emotionally and socially for college, careers, global citizenship, leadership, and lifelong learning.  At each grade level, all students are provided diverse, equitable, and differentiated experiences and learning opportunities by a highly skilled educational team in a safe and supportive learning environment.   

    Core Values:

    The Santa Paula Unified School District Board of Trustees strongly values and believes that our students need to be prepared for a rapidly changing world. Consequently, the district’s core values reflect a commitment to:  

      «   Support all students academically, socially, and emotionally, and provide  equitable opportunities for them to become successful in life.   

     «   Create safe and healthy schools that promote community pride in Santa Paula 

     «  Develop a positive and unified Governance Team by building trust and  celebrating district accomplishments 

     «  Increase communication with and between all district stakeholders 

     «  Maintain a fiscally sound budget 

     Educating our students and supporting the school community is our responsibility!  

    May 12, 2021