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The following positions are available only to current, permanent Classified employees of the

Santa Paula Unified School District.

The positions listed below are currently open for transfer. Transfer requests must be in the Classified HR Office no later than 3:30 pm on the final filing deadline; postmarks will not be accepted.
Employees may request transfers to one of the positions listed below or submit a general request for any positions desired. Transfer request forms are available in the Classified HR Office or by clicking the link below. Transfer requests, not for a specific position, will be maintained in the Classified HR Office for use during the school year in which the request was submitted or until withdrawn by the employee. All eligible transfer requests will be referred to the department head or the principal with the vacancy for interviews pursuant to the applicable provisions of the CSEA contract and the Personnel Commission Rules and Regulations.

Transfers may be requested for the following:

A transfer from a current position to another position within the same classification as noted below.

An Appointment to an Additional Position within the same classification.

Transfer to a Position in a Different Classification. This must be in the same salary range as the employee's current classification and is subject to approval of the Director of Classified Human Resources based on the relatedness of the classifications.

Transfer to a position in a classification on a lower salary range than the employee's current classification. This is subject to the approval of the Director of Classified Human Resources and contingent upon the relatedness of the classifications. Such a demotion will have an impact on the salary and seniority standing of the employee, may require the employee to serve a new probationary period in the lower classification, and may have impact on other conditions of employment.