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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning has been installed at 119 classrooms since April 2018! 

This includes twenty-two classrooms at Barbara Webster, seventeen classrooms at Blanchard, seventeen classrooms at Glen City, twelve classrooms at Grace Thille, twelve rooms at McKevett, twenty-five classrooms at Santa Paula High School, and fourteen at Bedell.

As a result, all classrooms at Barbara Webster, Bedell, Blanchard, Glen City, Grace Thille, McKevett, and Renaissance are equipped with air conditioning!

Electrical infrastructure upgrades were/are required at Bedell, SPHS, McKevett in advance of providing air conditioning at most locations:

  • Bedell - Following the completion of electrical upgrades in August 2020, air conditioning was installed in 2021 at Building A, Building B, Building C, Building E, and Building G.
  • SPHS - The electrical upgrade project was completed in October 2021.  Procurement of new condensers has been in progress for most of 2022 and 2023, as 480V condensers are currently very long-lead items.  Air conditioning was installed at fourteen rooms during the summer of 2023!  Forty-eight of seventy-two classrooms at SPHS now have air conditioning, and the District intends on installing air conditioning in twenty more classrooms by August 2024.
  • McKevett - Following the completion of electrical upgrades in April 2023, air conditioning was installed in the main building's ten classrooms as well as two rooms at the "magnet" building.