•   Voicemail Access
    There are two ways that you can access your voicemail messages:

    Directly from your phone:
    1. Press the Messages button or dial *99
    2. Enter the mailbox password

    Remotely from a non-district phone:
    1. Call into your extension from any outside phone
    2. Dial * when you hear your voicemail greeting
    3. Enter the mailbox number
    4. Enter the mailbox password

    Voicemail Greeting:
    Record your unavailable message on your phone or on the road.
    1. Access your voicemail as described above
    2. Dial 0 for mailbox options
    3. Dial 1 to record your unavailable greeting
    Phone Features:
    Transfer to Voicemail
    Transfer a call directly to your co-worker’s voicemail.
    1. Initiate a blind transfer
    2. Dial 0 followed by the extension (i.e. 01001)
    3. Complete the transfer