Elementary & Middle School

    At the elementary level, counselor work with students involves introducing careers, self-assessments of interests, and reinforcement on non-traditional careers.  


    At the middle school, students have the opportunity to explore career areas in the grade 6 Career Exploration course, which focuses on four career areas to include patient care; agriculture; design, visual, and media arts; and engineering. In grades 7 and 8, students have the opportunity to continue this career exploration by enrolling in Technology or engineering courses Automation and Robotics and Design and Modeling.  Students at all grade levels are invited to join the Agriculture Club which meets after school on Fridays.


    High School


    All grade 9 students engage in a semester-long curriculum Get Focused, Stay Focused.  This career curriculum "helps students identify their interests and life goals, discover a career aligned to those interests and goals, and develop an educational pathway to prepare for that career."  Additional information may be found here.  Students continue this career exploraiton with follow-up units of study in each grades 10, 11, and 12, and continue this work using an online 10 year plan.  Students at the alternative Renaissance High School have access to the semester-long Get Focused, Stay Focused curriculum as well. 


    Click here to learn more about high school Career Pathways.


    College & Career Center


    A vibrant College & Career Center (CCC) at Santa Paula High School houses a multitude of resources on both colleges and careers.  Ms. Brianna Rodriguez is onsite to serve students in the CCC.  Outreach Coordinator Mr. Juan Garcia supports student career interest at Renaissance High School.